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Top 15 Things You Should Know about Self Publishing
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My name is Lisa Michelle Umina.  In 2002, I founded Halo Publishing International to help authors, and aspiring authors, get their book out of their head and into their hands.  With all the options available for publishing these days, I’ve been getting more and more questions about self publishing.

In fact, I’ve had so many people ask about it that I decided to create a free video series to address the top 15 things you should know about self publishing.  Do you have questions you want answered?  Just enter your name and email to get a series of videos delivered straight to your inbox.

We’re all busy, so to keep it manageable, I’ll send you one short video every day for 15 days – each one answering a key question you may be asking, or should be asking, if you truly want your book to be successful.

I’ll cover questions like:

  • How do I publish a book?
  • What do publishers look for?
  • How do I choose a good publisher?
  • What can I negotiate with a publisher?
  • Do I need an editor, and if so, how can I find a good one?
  • What format should I choose when publishing my book, and why?
  • Do I need an illustrator, and if so, how can I find a good one?
  • How does my book get into physical bookstores?
  • How does my book get onto Amazon?
  • …and more!

These videos are a valuable resource for anyone who is even thinking about publishing a book.  They are completely free to you – with my compliments and no obligation.

The world needs to hear what you have to say.  Don’t keep us waiting any longer.

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